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ArmorWorks designs, tests and manufactures a full range of advanced survivability products, high-tech military armor protection, armor systems technology and survivability solutions. Battle tested and combat proven products include Integral and Applique Armors, Energy Absorbing Seats, Blast Protection, Security Doors & Vaults, and Body Armor Systems.


CAGE Codes: 3KHA7 4YJ37 5W4V7



Bandy Manufacturing is the leading supplier of standard and custom hinges to the aerospace industry. Bandy supports virtually every type and class of military and commercial aircraft and aerospace vehicle and a wide range of non-aerospace applications as well. Founded in 1953, Bandy produces over 100,000 hinges per year.

CAGE 22176


Breeze Eastern Corporation

Breeze Eastern Corporation

High-performance lifting and pulling devices for military and civilian aircraft, including rescue hoists, winches and cargo hooks, and weapons-handling systems.

CAGE 08484
Caton | Triman


Caton Connector Corporation is a manufacturer of high-voltage, custom-designed connectors and cable assemblies for use in the military, semiconductor, utility, medical, and avionics industries. Caton also provides a large variety of wire including flat wire with both high- and low-voltage applications and cable assembly solutions through advanced technology and electrical design expertise.

CAGE Codes 52196, 6K501 & 6K996
Co-Operative Industries Aerospace & Defense

Co-Operative Industries Aerospace & Defense

Electrical Wire harnesses, Cables, Rigid Interconnects, Ignition Leads, Electrical Interconnects, Flexible Conduits, Fluid Transfer Products

CAGE 81482


Coaxial Cable Assemblies, Integrated Assemblies and Subsystems, RF Rotary Joints and Rotating Sub Systems, SOLSTx Solid State Transmitters, Flat Plate Antennas, Integrated Flat Plate Antennas, Pedestals for Rotating Subsystems, Gear-Driven & Build-To-Print Rotating Subsystems 

Cage 66544


Cornell-Carr Company, Inc.

Marine Doors, Marine Windows, Clear View Screens, Portlights, Marine Wipers

CAGE 21204
Crysteel Manufacturing Inc.

Crysteel Manufacturing Inc.

Military dumps and trailers: PLS Dump, M917 Dump, HIMARS Trailer, FMTV Dump, MTVR Dump, and the patented High 'N Slide (TM) Tailgate

CAGE 5X050
Custom Electronics, Inc.

Custom Electronics, Inc.

Mica Capacitors, Bus Bars, Electronic Assemblies, Printed Circuit Board Population and Assembly, Cable Assembly, Inductors, Transformers, Electromagnetics.

CAGE 23280
Dante Valve Company

Dante Valve Company

Military Spec Valves, Danco Pressure Relief Valves, TRAC Pressure Reducing & Temp Regulating Valves, Commercial/Industrial Valves, Kunkle Safety Valves & Safety Relief Valves, Aquatrol Safety Valves, Cash Valves, Drip Pan Elbows, Fittings & Flange

CAGE 5P967


Espey Manufacturing & Electronics Corporation designs, develops, tests and manufactures specialized Military and Rugged Industrial Power Supplies and Transformers for use in harsh or severe environment applications. Espey is a fully vertically integrated manufacturing company with product development, engineering, sheet metal fabrication, machining, painting/coating, assembly, and testing completed on-site. Military standards include MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-461, MIL-STD-1275, MIL-STD-1399, MIL-STD-704 and MIL-STD-108.

CAGES 20950 98675

Esterline | Triman Industries


Control & Communication Systems:

Korry: LED push-button switches, cockpit control systems, high-performance cockpit displays, and NightshieldR plastic night-vision filters

CAGE 81590

Mason: control grips and wheels, throttle control assemblies, and HaWC handheld remote controllers for today’s advanced cockpits

CAGE 81579, 91812

Engineered Materials:

NMC Aerospace: Plastic clamps, grommets and wiring devices

CAGE 03296

TA Aerospace: Engineered elastomers, aerospace clamping, aerodynamic, firewall, high temperature, hatch, door, window, and EMI seals

CAGE 84971

Extant Aerospace

(Symetrics Industries LLC dba Extant Aerospace) Electronic Warfare (EW) product line, digital communications through Improved Data Modems (IDM), Electronic Manufacturing Services specializing in FAA Avionic Product, Circuit card assemblies for prime contractors’ subassemblies and also provide licensing and obsolescence management services for legacy electronics systems.

CAGE 22830
Helwig Carbon Products, Inc.

Helwig Carbon Products, Inc.

Carbon Brushes, Brush Holders, Constant Force Spring Assemblies,Carbon Vanes

CAGE 28118
Hoffman Engineering

Hoffman Engineering

Night Vision Compatible Lighting, Aircraft LED lighting, Night Vision Test Equipment, Lighting Standards, Goniometer Systems, Luminance and Radiometric test equipment

CAGE 06097


Marine Hose & Fittings, Aerospace Hose & Fittings, Aerospace Hose Assemblies, Dogleg Assemblies, Hydraulic Hoses, Flexible Hose Assemblies, Re-Useable Fittings, High Pressure Pipe & Tube Fittings, Instrument Valves, Globe Valves, O-Ring Face Seal Pipe & Tube Fittings, Refueling at Sea (RAS) and Underway Replenishment (UnRep) Products, Adapters, Fluid Conveyance. 

CAGE Codes: 32142, 54716, 3KKT3, 13039, 24869

Qualified Product Listing (QPL):

Marine Fittings and Hose: QPL-24787 & QPL-24136

Valves: QPL-24630 &QPL-24109

Aerospace: QPL-25579, QPL-27272, QPL-83796, QPL-83798, QPL-8790, QPL-8789, QPL-5070, & QPL-38726

Governing Technical Directives

S6430-AE-TED-010 (TED-010)



John Hassall supplies pins, rivets, bushings and high strength bolts used in the world’s leading aircraft engines. These applications call for materials which are extremely difficult to form and machine, and require unique custom manufacturing capabilities.

CAGE 1CNU4 & 82224



Technical solutions for ECS, Electric Power, and Actuation Systems. Auto Pilot Actuators. Systems and Product reverse engineering. Repair and Resurrection of low volume and obsolete products. Flight instruments and displays. Test Equipment and Tooling design. Facilities and Equipment cables and harnesses. Machining and Assembly services.

CAGE Codes: 4VQ38, 556Y4, 85374, 7AZ75

New Kato Logo

Kato Engineering

Low, medium and high voltage alternators for gas/ diesel engines and gas/steam turbines; Motor-Generator sets and various control options

CAGE 32770



POSITION SENSING Technology Capability – LVDT, RVDT, Force Sensors and Cockpit Controls. Aerospace Heritage – The Standard for flight and fuel control position measurement. Operational Excellence – More than a million Kavlico LVDT’s are installed in aircraft worldwide. In Application – Flight controls, Engine Bleed Air Systems, Valves, Landing Gear & Steering Systems, Cockpit Controls, Fuel Controls and Fly-by-wire Systems. CAGE 22863


Radar absorbing (RAM), electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electro static dissipating (ESD) material, calendered, extruded, and molded solid and sponge specialty rubber products, aerodynamic seals for commercial and military airframes, ducts and firewall seals for aircraft engines and nacelles, aircraft door and hatch seals, inflatable seals for cockpit canopies and large openings, aircraft window seals, and aircraft conductive seals for electromagnetic interference survivable conditions

CAGE 75345, 3DBN7, 50744, 11960, 07096



Offers innovation and support of military grade illuminated displays, panels, switches, keyboards, AMLCDs, and more, including LED replacement upgrades. We have a long history of field-proven performance with both off-the-shelf and custom lighting solutions for both the OEM and MRO aerospace and defense markets.

Cage Code: 51702

Meggitt PLC

Meggitt PLC

High performance fluid dynamics products and associated systems for extreme environments

CAGE 58163
Triman | Modular Devices


Modular Devices, Inc. specializes in the rapid design, development and manufacture of robust, high reliability DC to DC converters, power supplies, controllers & distribution products for the military, commercial, space and aerospace communities worldwide.  

CAGE 52202
Saint-Gobain | Triman


Triman is the DLA distributor of the Saint-Gobain OmniSeal® brand.

The OmniSeal® brand is a member of Saint-Gobain Seals’ family of critical parts engineered for sealing control made from Fluoroloy® polymer materials.  Since the early 1950s, OmniSeal® seals have been widely used for extreme environments in various industries where low friction, high load and extreme temperature are required. They are designed to bridge the gap between conventional elastomer lip seals and mechanical face seals.

The OmniSeal® brand includes OmniLipTM.

CAGE 05939 & 12599
Oppenheimer Precision Products

Oppenheimer Precision Products

NVIS (night vision compatible) Light Panels, Control Panels, LCD Display Panels

CAGE 02995
Pacific Scientific

Pacific Scientific

Generators And Controls, Transformers & Inductors, Inverters & Converters, Aircraft Light Dimmers, Power Supplies, Gauss Meters & Sensors

CAGE 02101, 95266
Rochester Gauges, Inc.

Rochester Gauges, Inc.

LP Gas Gauges, Threaded Gauges,  NHӡ (Anhydrous Ammonia) Gauges, Industrial Gauges, Spiral Gauges, Flow Indicator, Mak-Saf™ Electrical Safety Switch, Bimetal Thermometers for LP Gas and Industrial Service, Dial Replacement, Gasket Replacement, Gauge Adapters

CAGE 09393
Rocker Industries

Rocker Industries

Solenoids, Solenoid Valves

CAGE 07797


DEF Reservoir Systems, Military Fuel Systems, Fastfill Refueling Systems, Fluid Management Components, Quick Disconnect Nozzles, Standard and Custom Expandable Rubber Plugs

CAGE 59647

Steiner eOptics | Triman Industries


State-of-the-art visible and infrared laser aiming devices, tactical lights, and infrared illuminators.

CAGE 0YR11 & 0SPF5
Tri-Tec | Triman


Tri-Tec has four major product lines: Actuators, both Mil-V-24657 and rugged commercial grade - these actuators can drive from the smallest valves to most of the Navy’s largest in both quarter-turn and multi-turn configurations. Small and Large Manual Gearboxes - these units have bronze housings and are nearly indestructible. Fire-Safe Ventilation Valves - made from stainless steel to exacting Navy drawings and available in round or obround, these are the best and most reliable in the business. Flux Drive Magnetic Couplings - newly patented, these couplings solve motor/load combination bearing and seal wear from vibration, improve load performance and save energy.   

CAGE 56349 & 98032

Triumph Controls

Triumph Controls, LLC

Ball Bearing and Helical Cable Assemblies, Wire Rope Cable Assemblies, Cockpit Modules, Throttle Quadrants, Complex Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Mechanisms, Helicopter Collective Systems and Remote Valve Actuation Systems for Aircraft and Shipbuilding.

CAGE code 78710, 3CW15

Whippany Actuation Systems

Whippany Actuation Systems designs, manufactures & supports engineered electromechanical actuation systems for commercial and military applications, providing maximum value to our aerospace partners

CAGE 81039