Quality Control and Inspections

How Triman Can Elevate Your Business

Triman’s third party certifications support the government contracts higher level of quality requirements.

The government has Defense Contract Management Agency Resident DCMA QARs (Quality Assurance Representatives) stationed on-site at the Triman facility and NSEO QAR assigned coverage for government source inspection requirements on material, packaging and shipping.

Conjunctive inspections, including processing of critical safety items, first article inspections and testing and product verification testing are all within Triman’s capabilities.

Triman is approved for Naval Special Emphasis Program (NSEP) & (NSEO) and NSEP Level 1 / SUBSAFE Military Packaging and packaging acceptance.

US DOT 49CFR Registered Hazardous Material Packaging and Shipping Certified for regulation processing and shipping of Haz-Mat products.

Triman supports the integrity of quality with state-of-the-art inspection equipment / inspection & testing capabilities, calibration compliance and quality technicians.

Holco CC 14” Optical Comparator for non-contact profile dimensioning and measurement

Gauging System 22 for single element method higher level of internal and external thread inspection

Brown & Sharp Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) for point contact coordinate dimensioning and measurement

Hardness testers for surface hardness measurements

Mechanical inspection equipment and measuring tools for dimensional mechanical inspections

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) inspection, processing, and packaging stations

NIST compliant calibration system

Certified Quality Technicians