Tim Driscoll


Tim Driscoll is CEO of Blue Raven Solutions. Tim Driscoll is a lifelong aviation enthusiast and experienced aerospace and defense executive with 17 + years of progressively increasing roles of responsibility within the industry. As CEO, Tim leads the growth of the business and its partners while focusing on delivering…

Ryan LeBon

Chief Financial Officer

Ryan LeBon is an accomplished financial management executive with significant experience in leadership roles within both privately held and publicly traded ventures. Ryan joined Blue Raven Solutions as its Chief Financial Officer in December 2019 and leads the Company’s financial team. Prior to joining Blue Raven Solutions, Ryan served as…

Christopher Gross

Divisional President, Triman and Brighton Cromwell

Christopher Gross is a skilled Aerospace and Defense leader with a proven experience in developing and executing strategic partnerships with government and military customers, and OEM Partners, globally. Prior to joining our company, Chris served as the Senior Director of Program Management & interim General Manager of AAR’s OEM Solutions-Government…

Kieran Keelty

VP, Partner Supply Chain Operations

Col (ret) Keelty is a passionate leader and supply chain expert. He joined Blue Raven Solutions as VP, Partner Supply Chain Operations, in November 2020 and is a key player in the company’s strategic growth plan of Blue Raven Solutions. In his newly created supply chain executive role, Mr. Keelty…

Glenn Van Etten

Chief Information Officer

Glenn Van Etten is Chief Information Officer responsible for leading Blue Raven Solutions IT infrastructure and the development of the company’s data-driven proprietary supply chain management system and sourcing system, SEDNA, and the industry leading analytics platform SEDNA Analytics.  With dynamic capabilities to monitor and analyze all aspects of the…

Glenn Bocchetti

EVP of Operations, Randolph Facility

Glenn Bocchetti, has a diversified background of over 35 years in Military and Commercial Industry businesses. As head of operations for the Randolph facility, Glenn brings his expertise and knowledge in all aspects of business practices, operations, leadership and general management of manufacturing and distribution companies. His background includes practical…

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