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One of Triman’s differentiators and competitive advantages is our ability to guide our partners and customers through the complicated defense industry supply chain process with strategic intelligence and data analytics.

Our proprietary supply management and sourcing technology suite, SEDNA Analytics™, allows us to serve both the government and our vendor partners who may not have the market visibility they need to optimize their procurement, bidding or award performance. We are able to serve both sides of the defense industry supply chain with uncompromising precision and reliability:

  • Enabling any part utilized by DOD to be quickly and accurately sourced
  • Meeting the complex logistics and procurement needs of the U.S. and international military markets

By aggregating data from a multitude of sources using proprietary data collection software, public data collection, and paid services, we are able to provide insights and recommendations that can help our customers and partners protect and grow efficiencies, sales, market share, and performance.

Partial list of services we provide:

  • Competitive analysis
  • Acquisition analysis
  • Market share reporting
  • Market opportunities
  • New strategic growth areas
  • Pricing and bidding strategies
  • Market threat detection
  • Optimization of available demand
  • Projections of future demand

Providing our customers:

  • One-stop shopping/point-of-contact
  • Vendor consolidation
  • Reduced operating and inventory carrying costs
  • Reduced transactional costs
  • Increased purchasing and manufacturing efficiencies
  • Transparent reporting

How Triman uses its strategic intelligence and data analytics to provide organizational impact:

Our Vendor Partners

Want to know how we can impact their upside sales potential through new markets, new products, and more competitive strategies in existing markets with a lower operational cost.

Additionally, they want assistance with demand forecasting. They want to grow their markets or produce the same revenue with lower internal operating costs and develop incremental sales opportunities.

Our Customers

Want to know what military platforms we and others supply and how broad the coverage is for each platform.

They are also very concerned about lead times and price and obsolescence issues. They want to make sure they are getting the best value for their dollars.

Our Government Customers

Need to make sure they are buying technically-acceptable and low-priced goods from reliable sources with efficiencies of scale.

Specific Examples Include:

  • We help government agencies like the DOD or DLA identify inefficiencies in their bid processes, ordering, sourcing, and fulfillment.
  • We help single-source manufacturers identify incremental bidding opportunities in the defense sector and assist with the SAR process.
  • We work with large primes to identify lost opportunities, increase bid opportunities and bid conversion rates, perform loss analysis and develop smarter competitive pricing based on actual awarded contracts.
  • We conduct a FOIA audit of all awards.
  • We assemble a team to provide four vital functions required to maximize domestic market share: bidding, order management, supplier development/management, and analytics.

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