For Over 25 Years, We’ve Set The Standard in Aftermarket Distribution and Supply Chain Services

Through our relationships with more than 60 industry-leading OEMs, Triman provides access to a comprehensive range of land, air & sea sustainment solutions, upgrades, modernization products, and more. We provide more than just access to parts and supplies. The Triman team works as your partner to deliver a wide range of aftermarket products and services to overcome system and component obsolescence requirements.

Supplier Partnerships
YoY Partner Retention
Average Years of Employee Industry Experience
YoY Quality Performance

Triman’s professionalism & analytical insights are distinguishing factors that allow us to provide optimal results for our partners & customers. Our expertise, experience & network of strong relationships deliver value unmatched by competition.

Triman’s aftermarket expertise and customer-focused approach are the key elements that drive our successful partnerships. At the core of Triman’s culture is customer centricity – customer value. Creating added value for our partners is our primary goal. At Triman, customer-centered value assessments permeate all functions of the company. Every employee contributes to the value our customers and partners perceive.

Triman helps our partners create effective avenues for added value by providing expert aftermarket guidance. We contribute to our customer’s expansion by offering the following resources:

  • How to market your product
  • How to sell your product
  • Where to sell your product
  • How to price your product purposefully
  • More profitable differentiated product development
  • Better resource allocation to benefit the enterprise
  • Value discussions to increase partner loyalty within their strategic market

At Triman, we don’t just pitch value, we listen and develop value-based solutions to meet customer specific objectives. The benefit of integrating with Triman’s value & customer-centered culture is to be presented with long-term results that our competition can’t match.

Triman Advantage Program

Triman has mastered the business of partnering with suppliers and customers forming the critical link in the supply chain between product and user. Our long standing track record and reputation of excellence has enabled the establishment of strategic partnerships for successful business alliances and growth.

Data Analytics

Triman’s data and intelligence analyses are summarized and presented to partners in a meaningful and descriptive way. With relationships, trends and anomalies identified, partners as well as customers receive superior competitive advantages for optimized performance and efficiencies.

Business & Product Development

The Triman approach to Business Development is a tactical support of our partners objectives. We tailor our support to fit the needs individually, focused on partner capabilities and development enterprises that enhance their bottom line and market goals.

Quality Control

Triman’s Quality Management System is third party certified through ANAB Accredited Aerospace Registration Management Certification Body DEKRA Audits.

Our full-service capabilities in procurement, contract administration, regulation requirements and compliance, product processing, inventory management, inspection and testing, packaging, labeling, marking, and shipping is not only impeccable; it is third party certified to ISO:9001:2015 and AS9100D, as well as compliant to FAA Advisory Circular 00-56B.

Export Management

Triman Industries provides global access, ensured compliance, and absolute integrity.

Our in-house Trade Compliance Department includes a Licensed U.S. Customs Broker trained in both import and export regulations.

Military Packaging and Logistics Expertise

As a Military Packager for over 25 years, Triman features a full line of military specification packaging, documentation, and shipping services to meet every customer’s needs.

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No Matter The Domain, We Have The Experience To Support You

We support management and development endeavors in all areas of the defense market. We engage in land, sea, and air programs both for sustainment and new product requirements presented in the defense services.

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