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Triman ensures the absolute best in performance, product packaging, preservation, marking, labeling, processing and shipping; we provide the very best in customer satisfaction.

Military Packaging and Preservation to Government Specifications

Triman has full capability and maintains full compliance to MIL-STD 2073, MIL-STD 129, and MIL-STD 130 for Military Packaging, Labeling, and Marking (including applicable bar-coding requirements on Unit, Intermediate, and Shipping containers).

  • Certified electrostatic discharge stations for processing of ESD products.
  • Bar coding, labeling (including RFID & IUID) and special marking.
  • DD250 (WAWF) Preparation and Distribution & VSM routing, including direct shipment to the customer per their requirements.
  • Providing MSL (Military Shipping Labels) with both the 2D and 3D barcode application as well as the RFID requirements. Ability to verify both the 2D and 3D barcodes via the applicable barcode readers and scanners.
  • Customized wood crating and palletizing IAW ASTM D6860-05, ASTM D6251, D6251M-01 and compliance to International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM-15) Wood Packaging and Heat Treating (HT) requirements and marking.

Over 25 Years of Military Packaging Expertise

  • Complete packaging interface with the U.S. Government
  • Full compliance to MIL-Specifications
  • Packaging and preservation
  • MILSTD marking, labeling and shipping
  • Document preparation and distribution
  • Government source inspection
  • Direct shipment to the customer
  • VSM shipping/delivery arrangements
  • Contract military packaging
  • Customized crating and palletizing
  • Pouch machine packaging for large run quantities
  • Specialized aftermarket packing
  • Special product marking/tagging/kitting
  • 2D and 3D barcoding and verification
  • RFID and MSL creation and tagging
  • WAWF (DD250) input and reports
  • IUID / UID processing application and verification

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